Magellan RoadMate GPS: The best GPS devices for every situation

Are you always late for reaching your destination? Do you dread driving to a new city or location? Then, you need a good GPS device. And, there is no other GPS device which is as good as a Magellan RoadMate GPS.

A good GPS device will always take you to your destination on time and via the most efficient route. A good GPS device will always keep you on the correct road and will never allow you to be lost while driving.

Need for RoadMate GPS:

Some people say that there is no need for a GPS device in this age of smartphones. It is accurate that a smartphone provides you with many things including a map.

But, that map is not 100% reliable, as a smartphone map is dependent upon the mobile phone signals. And, in remote locations, hilly areas, on far highways where you most need a map, smartphone map mostly fails.

Every RoadMate GPS is manufactured with high commercial-grade materials. So, it gets signals even in areas where all smartphone fails and most GPS device fails.

RoadMate Map is the most accurate in the market:

When you buy a Magellan GPS device, you're also getting the RoadMate Map which is most accurate. After using this map when you'll use some other maps or smartphone then it will look ancient technology to you. You'll want to get back to using your RoadMate GPS device.

Live Services with Magellan GPS RoadMate:

With Magellan GPS RoadMate you'll get free services like live traffic reporting, local searches, lifetime map updates and much more.

Using a GPS device has never been budget-friendly than at this moment. This is largely due to the stiff competition from other GPS manufacturers and smartphones.

If you're searching for a GPS device to buy then, do consider Magellan Roadmate devices. They provide useful features at every price segment.

What is Magellan RoadMate GPS update?

The landscape is always changing due to the construction of highways, roads, streets, buildings, bridges. This changes the maps on the GPS device after some months.

To keep all the users updated with all the changes going around, the company releases Magellan RoadMate GPS update every quarter. These maps keep all the users in-sync with the latest changes in routes and addresses.

How to update Magellan RoadMate?

Before describing the process of how to update Magellan RoadMate, we would like to read the following passage

Update Magellan RoadMate: Precautions to take

Take some precautions before you're trying to update Magellan RoadMate. We have mentioned them below.

1. Charge your GPS device completely or to at least 80% of its battery capacity. This will prevent the device from shutting down when you're trying to update.

2. Before updating the device please check the size of the download file and the free space on the device. If you've got less space then delete the old data which you don't need. If your device supports an external SD card, you can download the new maps on the SD card.

3. Download and install the Content Manager from the website if you've haven't done yet.

Now, the update process:

1. Connect the GPS device with the computer ( it supports both the Windows computer and the Mac Computer). You should use the USB cable which is provided with the device.

2. Launch the software after connecting the device with your internet-enabled computer.

3. It will now show the list of all the available updates for your computer. Click on the updates which you want to install.

4. Wait for the updates to finish downloading. Install the updates in the device now and use the updated maps.

Install Magellan GPS update:

Install Magellan GPS update quite easily by going through the blog. But, before that, you will have to download the updates on your computer.

Ensure that you're downloading updates which are valid for your device model number. If you'll download a different map, it will not run. It can also corrupt your device.

To get rid of this problem only use Content Manager for downloading maps from our website.

What is a Magellan RoadMate Software?

Magellan RoadMate Software is the bridge between the computer and the device. It also provides the User Interface and ensures smooth functioning of the device.

The software also increases the useful life of the device. The company recommends all its users to also check and perform software updates regularly.

How to Contact customer service of Magellan RoadMate GPS system?

You can contact Magellan RoadMate GPS system customer care for any kind of help related to the device. They help you in updating the device, getting new services, purchasing new maps, etc.

You can contact them in three different ways. By calling on the customer service helpline number, by LiveChat or via email.

They are always available for your help and support.

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