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Magellan Truck GPS: Best Truck GPS in the market in 2019

If you’re getting lost during goods delivery or stuck in traffic jams for long hours, it can take a toll on your business. In a business where every on-time delivery matters, late delivery can hamper your business. To help the trucker community and business, Magellan truck GPS always provides the most efficient routes.

Truck GPS is here to help you:

A truck GPS system can help you resolve such issues. But, it is slightly difficult to find a good truck GPS device. Some things to always check for when you're shopping for a truck GPS device.

  • Customer Support/ Service:
  • This is very important in case of map updates, services upgrades, map buys and in miscellaneous situations. What is the point of buying a device with which you get pathetic customer support?

  • Lifetime Maps:
  • Check whether you're getting a Lifetime Maps update if not at least you should buy a device which will provide you with 4-6 map updates for a period of 2 years. It will help save you money in the long run.

  • Navigation efficiency and design:
  • Navigation efficiency is a combination of many factors. Always check whether that device is helping you save fuel. Also, check whether it is taking you via the most efficient routes. At last, check whether it is helping you deliver on time, increasing business.

  • Quality:
  • Build quality is also important, the more rugged the better.

  • Touch Screen efficiency:
  • The screen of the device should be responsive to touch. It shouldn't take more than a single touch when navigating.

  • Key features specific to truck drivers:
  • It should have features like logging miles, time to take a break, other reminders for safe driving.

  • Trucks and Trailer services directory:
  • This will help in case of a breakdown, which occurs more often than you think.

  • Points of Interests:
  • A highly rated list of Points Of Interests by truckers comes in handy when you want to eat, sleep or use other amenities.

  • Rear Camera:
  • The rear camera comes in handy in many situations like parking or driving on a highway.

  • Multimedia Support:
  • This will help in long-hauls when you want to listen to your favourite songs, music etc.

  • Flexibility and Customization:
  • Truck GPS should be customizable and versatile. It should also be used as a stand-alone tablet or trailer GPS.

Is a truck map GPS different from other GPS devices?

The short answer to this question is an emphatic yes. A truck map GPS device is different from an ordinary car GPS.

The map on the truck GPS is customized for heavy commercial vehicles. When you enter the size, cargo, weight of the vehicle then the truck GPS will show you the routes according to it.

Trucks and other heavy vehicles are banned from some roads, streets, bridges. If they are allowed then it could be during some hours of the day. When you mistakenly drive on those, you'll get very expensive tickets which you don't want.

When it becomes necessary to do the Magellan Truck Map update?

The maps on the truck GPS becomes outdated as it is a common phenomenon like other GPS devices. So, Magellan truck map update is released every 3 months to keep you updated with all the changes happening around.

It also helps you in avoiding those earlier mentioned expensive tickets.

What are the types of Magellan truck GPS update?

Magellan truck GPS update can be categorized in the following categories:

Magellan map updates:

With the map updates, you'll get the updated map of the region after every 3 months. These updates keep you ahead in the traffic.

Magellan Truck GPS software updates:

The company is dedicated to customer service. So, it also releases Magellan truck GPS software updates.

These software updates help in making the user interface and user experience even better than before.

The software updates also prolong the useful life of the device with every update.

Magellan Truck GPS support help:

The company is a pioneer in customer support. It not only provides the best hardware and software but its customer service is the best in the market. You can reach for help to Magellan truck GPS support 24*7. It is quite important when you're driving for night and day. Help is always available to you.

Bonus section: Magellan motorcycle GPS for going on adventures:

To keep up the pace with the market Magellan motorcycle GPS was launched a few years ago. These motorcycle GPS are quite helpful for going on adventures for every motorcycle lover.

Some of the features of motorcycle GPS are the following:

  • Rugged design:
  • The motorcycle GPS is made for harsh conditions like sunlight, motorcycle fumes, dust etc.

  • Bright screen:
  • The motorcycle GPS screen is sunlight readable which is necessary for motorcycle riding.

  • Glove Friendly:
  • The motorcycle GPS is glove-friendly meaning you don't have to remove your glove every time you want to use the device.

  • Routes:
  • The motorcycle GPS will provide you with routes which are safe yet adventure friendly. It will give routes which are hilly, elevated, etc. where cars can't go.

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