Magellan SporTrak Topo

Magellan SporTrak Topo is an ultimate lightweight outdoor GPS device which is ready to go out of the box. This GPS device has the largest built-in maps. The map includes a huge 100 MB of in-built topo maps with 8 MB of BaseMap. You can also do query elevations and vertical profiles. It also supports an additional 16 MB of flash memory, you can download additional cartographic software.

Additional features
  • It is WAAS enabled
  • Built-in memory of 16 MB
  • 8 MB of internal Basemap memory
  • It has a large high-contrast screen
  • Rugged, Waterproof device is able to float
Magellan SporTrak Topo
Magellan SporTrak Pro Marine
Magellan SporTrak Pro Marine

The Magellan SporTrak Pro Marine is a 2.2 * 1.33-inch waterproof marine device. It has a 12-channel GPS receiver support for outdoor and boating purposes. It is a device which is accurate up to 3-meter.

It comes with a 15 MB inbuilt mapping database of North America. It includes major roads, waterways, highways and much more. You also get an extra 17 MB memory for downloading additional maps.

This GPS device can store 500 waypoints, 2,000 track-points and 20 routes at a time. With this GPS device, you also get information about tides, fishing and gaming spots.

  • Compact, rugged device which floats
  • 12-channel GPS receiver support
  • High accuracy of 3 meter
  • Large database of major roads, waterways, roadways etc.
  • Information about tides, fishing spots, gaming spots

Magellan SporTrak Pro Software

Magellan SporTrak Pro Software helps in downloading the latest updates for all your Sportrak GPS devices. It also helps in replacing the old BaseMap with new BaseMap.

The factory-installed BaseMap can be downloaded from Sportrak Pro to the PC and can be transferred to the GPS device afterwards.

A step-by-step process for updating Basemap
  • First of all, put new batteries in your device.
  • Open EasyGPS and back up your waypoints and routes.
  • Turn off the device.
  • Connect your device to the USB port.
  • Press and hold the NAV key and PWR key.
  • Choose Basemap upload option.
  • Click upload for uploading the file.
Magellan SporTrak Pro Software