Magellan Meridian GPS is one of the latest range of handheld devices. It is manufactured to last for a very long time, it is quite rugged. It is made by keeping serious navigators in mind. The design is simple and intuitive with large buttons for easy use.

This is a budget-friendly device but it doesn’t sacrifice any features. It has a RAM size of 2 MB which has a Basemap. The Basemap includes all the important cities of the US with additional information about highways, important waterways, airports, etc. It has one additional version which is a European version.

It supports the MapSend feature which offers greater map details than the BaseMaps. It also supports an external SD card, you can download additional maps on it. This GPS device supports WAAS, it can track up to 12 satellites at one-time making this unit highly accurate.

It comes with 8-screen, 7 of which can be customized completely showing a satellite constellation maps, speedometer, Track screen, compass etc.

  • Budget-friendly, rich features GPS device
  • Pre-installed Basemap of important cities
  • WAAS support for greater accuracy
  • Support for an external SD card
  • Customizable screens for different purposes
Magellan Meridian GPS
Magellan Meridian Color
Magellan Meridian Color

Magellan Meridian Color is the latest range of handheld devices. This range of GPS devices is sturdily built which is made for serious navigators. The buttons and design is intuitive and simple to use.

It comes with 16 MB of Basemap of North America, i.e., it has detailed information about US cities, political boundaries, airports, waterways, highways. The European version of this device comes with Basemap of the UK cities/towns, motorways, major roads etc.

This GPS device supports an external SD card up to 512 MB. You can order an external SD card at the time of device purchase. It is waterproof and it also floats on water.

The Meridian Color can track up to 12-satellites at once. It also comes with the support of WAAS in the USA and EGNOS in Europe. It is a very accurate device with an accuracy of 3-meters. Different screen options provide different pieces of information like co-ordinates, the track details screen, speedometer and much more.

  • Ruggedly built for serious navigators
  • Detailed BaseMap of North America
  • Support for WAAS and EGNOS
  • External SD card support
  • Highly accurate up to 3 meters
Magellan Meridian Color Updates

Magellan Maestro 3100 is a portable 3.5-inch device which provides you with an awesome driving experience at the most affordable price. It is a pocket-sized GPS device which gives a unique driving experience.

This device is intuitive with the voice guidance feature, giving you a safer driving experience. It comes with a pre-loaded detailed map of the 48 US states. With its sophisticated, thin and intuitive touch screen, it makes driving a pleasurable experience. It has a database of 750,000 Points Of Interests. This device is manufactured to provide you with the fastest GPS accuracy.

  • Turn-by-turn voice navigation
  • Interactive Graphical map
  • SmartDetour for better efficiency
  • 3D bird’s eye view of the map
  • Auto night view
Magellan Maestro 3100
Magellan Map 300

Magellan Map 300

Magellan Map 300 is a handheld GPS device with a screen size of 2.2-inch. It is a pocket-friendly device which has a ton of features for intensive and serious navigators.

It has a long battery life of up to 20 hours with advanced features like a detour, pre-installed POIs(Points Of Interests), shortest Time, Freeways, voice navigation instructions.

It supports 14 Channels WAAS and it is accurate up to 3-meter. Another version of this GPS device comes with detailed maps of major European motorways and roads.

  • Compact budget-friendly device
  • Advanced features for serious navigators
  • It has a long battery life of 20 hours
  • Highly accurate up to 3 meters
  • Support for WAAS and EGNOS

Magellan Meridian Gold

Magellan Meridian Gold is a water-resistant GPS made for hiking. It comes with a 16 MB in-built map data and support for an external SD card. You can download new maps of different regions without having to think of available space. This GPS device supports 12 Channel satellite positioning.

It has an inbuilt detailed map of the major US cities, highways and waterways. It also features different map screens which shows you different pieces of information. The map screen will show your current position, the Cursor Mode will show you where you are going, the compass mode shows you bearing. You can use these modes for foot travel or while driving.

It provides you with easy-to-understand screen position which shows you important data about longitude and latitude. It can store 500 waypoints, 20 reversible routes. It supports both WAAS (for the USA) and EGNOS (for Europe). You also get multiple language support like French, Dutch, German, Spanish, Italian and many more.

  • 12-channel WAAS support and 16 MB base map
  • Detailed map of cities, highways, parks, roads, airports, waterways
  • Support for an external SD card
  • Rugged, ergonomic and waterproof design
  • Support for multiple languages
Magellan Meridian Gold

Magellan Meridian Gold Software update

Magellan Meridian Gold Software update can be downloaded with the help of two software. They are EasyGPS and ExpertsGPS. First, check for the support of the firmware for your device.

With the latest software update, bugs have been fixed and it has become quite simple to send map data from the computer to the GPS device. Update your Meridian Gold GPS device by connecting to the computer and running the software.

Magellan Meridian Marine

Magellan Meridian Marine

Magellan Meridian Marine is a waterproof handheld hiking GPS device. It has a 16 MB in-built mapping detailed database of North America which includes major highways, interstates, waterways, lakes, rivers, buoys, fixed nautical markers, lighthouses and much more.

It has support for 12-channel GPS satellites at once. It is helped by WAAS in the US and in Europe by EGNOS. It is accurate up to 3-meters. With its support for downloadable street-level maps, support for an external SD card and 7 different screens it is intuitive and fun to use.

You can store up to 500 waypoints, 20 routes and 2,000 track-points. The track-to-route save feature allows you to convert complicated track files into easy-to-understand routes. Some of the more advanced features include the time of sunrise and sunset, moon phase, game and fish calculator.

  • A Rugged, handheld waterproof device
  • Support for a 12-channel satellite with 16 MB Basemap
  • Detailed data about buoys, wrecks, obstructions & lighthouses
  • It supports an external SD card for map download
  • Game and Fish calculator with Sun-rise and moon phase

Magellan Meridian Marine Update

Magellan Meridian Marine update comes with all new data about North American highways, interstates, airports, waterways, nautical markers, buoys, lighthouses and much more.

The software update brings to you the latest NorthFinder technology which shows you directions even when you are standing still. The database about fishing and gaming spots have also been updated.

Download the latest updates with the Expert GPS software.

Magellan Meridian Platinum

Magellan Meridian Platinum is a handheld waterproof GPS navigator. It supports 12-channel WAAS in the USA and EGNOS in Europe. The large database includes all the major US cities, roads, highways, airports, interstates and much more.

It also supports an external SD card which can be used for downloading maps of a new region. You can also store routes and waypoints on the SD card. It features different screens for different purposes like Cursor Mode for seeing where you are heading.

This GPS device comes with a Quadrifilar helix antenna for getting an optimal signal everywhere. It has a backlight & backlit keypad so it can be used even lowlight comfortably. The rubber armouring makes it sturdy, comfortable and ergonomic.

It supports major world languages like French, Geman, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, etc. For map sending to the GPS device, you can use MapSend Software.

  • A huge database of all the major US cities, roads, airports etc.
  • It supports an external SD card for downloading new maps
  • Different screens for making navigation easier
  • The device supports both WAAS and EGNOS
  • Major language support
Magellan Meridian Platinum