Magellan maps update | Magellan GPS update problems

Magellan releases maps update every 3 months to keep the users updated with all the changes that are going around the region. Here, in this article, we will discuss the Magellan maps update and Magellan GPS problems. Keep reading the article if you have any issue regarding the Roadmate update.

Magellan Maps Update

Often the daily commuter finds themselves in some unfamiliar territory while driving. This wastes quite a lot of time, here a GPS device provides valuable guidance making you reach your destination on time.

But, a GPS device to be accurate it needs to be updated regularly with the latest maps. If the map on the GPS device is out of date then it can take you to the wrong location.

To avoid the above-mentioned problem, Magellan maps update are released regularly. There are two types of updates: one is free while the other updates are paid. This varies according to your subscription.

The device update plans also vary according to the model number of the device. This is something that the user has to look up before purchasing or trying to update the device. You don’t want to download a update which isn’t for your device. The download will cost you money and it won’t work.

Magellan GPS update problems

Magellan GPS is very easy to update with the latest maps but, some problems can occur during the device update. Here we have collected some of the problems:

  • No Maps:

    This can happen because of the GPS device unable to read the maps. This can also occur when the drivers of the device are not working properly.

  • Low storage:

    If you want to download the updates, do check the storage space available on the device before trying to update the device.

    Most of the RoadMate device supports the external SD card of up to 32 GB. You can also download the updates on the external SD card and use it.

  • GPS device unable to acquire the satellite signal:

    When this happens then try to reset the Roadmate. You can do this by holding on to the small “reset” button present on every device. Resetting also solves some small problems most of the time.

Magellan Software Updates:

From time-to-time, the company also publishes new software updates for the device. It serves two purposes:

1.)It makes the user interface more intuitive.

2.)It adds more features which are needed in this present time.

Whenever you will connect the device to the internet-enabled computer via the USB cable it will show you the list of all the new software updates.

Magellan Software Error:

The Magellan software error can cause the device to become dysfunctional. The software/drivers are needed for:

  • Connecting the device to the computer:
  • Without the proper drivers, the device won’t be able to connect to the computer. So, you won’t be able to update your GPS device.
  • User menu and maps:
  • Without the proper software package, you won’t be able to access the maps on the device.

If you are having any trouble with the map or software update, then you can visit the website.

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