Magellan GPS: A step-by-step guide

There are so many different GPS devices to choose from with the advancement in technology. Picking up the best GPS device might seem like a daunting task.

Everyone needs are different and even tastes are different. One GPS device which seems good for one person might not be of much help for another person.

Even so, some GPS device models do stick out from other devices because of many factors. Some of these factors are style, features and price. Magellan GPS is made with a combination of all the mentioned things.

Magellan GPS devices provide value for money:

Magellan GPS devices are some of the best devices according to your needs. Devices are available in every budget-segment. So, you can choose with ease.

When you buy a Magellan GPS device then it is quite difficult to go wrong. They provide the perfect combination of features and value for money.

Magellan GPS Navigation System provides the most efficient routes:

Every Magellan GPS navigation system comes with the company's proprietary navigation system. It is manufactured to provide you with the most efficient routes according to your current location.

So, when you buy a Magellan device you don't ever have to worry about the routes.

Need for Magellan Maps Update:

If you're a long-time user of the GPS device, then you must have found out at some moment that the device is now showing you a wrong location. Before, the GPS device was always taking you to the location accurately. But, now with the passage of time, it is showing more inaccurate addresses.

This happens because of the always ongoing construction process. Everywhere you see, you can see new highways, roads, streets under construction.

Old businesses changing addresses while new restaurants, hotels, malls being built.

So, the GPS device which has got the old maps according to the old mapping data now shows the old locations and routes. So, now you would have understood that the GPS device is fully dependent on the map data. The map data needs to be updated regularly according to the new data. So, the company releases a Magellan Maps update regularly.

Magellan Software Update for a smooth driving experience:

Magellan GPS software is necessary for the proper functioning of the device. It is also needed for communication between the user and the GPS device. Thirdly, it is also required for communication between the device and the computer.

For making the user experience more smooth, the company releases software updates at a regular period. Magellan software update makes using the device a blissful experience.

What are the Magellan GPS update problems?

Updating a Magellan GPS device is a simple process, you only need to connect the device to the computer. The computer can be either a Windows or a Mac. Download the Content Manager for that OS and run the program.

The program will automatically check for the list of updates available at that moment for your device. You have to click on the updates which you want to install on your Sat Nav. The software will take care of the rest.

But, sometimes due to unknown reasons some errors can occur during the update process. Here, we have listed Magellan GPS update problems:

Unable to get any progress bar:

If you're trying to update the device and not getting the progress bar then that means the computer is unable to read the maps on the device.

Constantly getting error messages:

After connecting the GPS device to the computer if you're getting error messages then, that can be due to the loose USB cable. Also, check the internet-connectivity of the computer.

Failed device Recognition:

If the computer is not recognizing the GPS device, then try to turn off the firewall of the computer. If that fails then try updating the device drivers.

Magellan Software Error which can hamper the device:

If you do not update the GPS software regularly, then it will start giving the errors which can take the joy out of your driving. So, we recommend all users to regularly update their device with the latest software to avoid Magellan software error which will hamper the device and experience.

Magellan GPS mapping Software works with all the GPS models:

EasyGPS is the mapping software which is a simple way to download and upload addresses, routes, tracks. The Magellan GPS mapping Software helps to organize and back up your data, print maps and load new Waypoints for your next adventure. This software works with all the latest and popular devices.

Check For Magellan navigation update:

Checking for Magellan navigation update is quite an easy process. Connect the GPS device to the computer and then turn on the update software.

The list of updates will appear on the computer screen and click on all the updates for downloading.

Contact Magellan GPS support for any help:

If you're not able to update the device with the new maps, software or for any other help then you can contact the Magellan GPS support. Our help is available 24*7.

How to get help from Magellan GPS Navigation?

We have a team of experts which is always available for any kind of help with the Magellan GPS navigation device. You can contact us on our helpline number 888-623-9204, or LiveChat or via email.

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