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Magellan Content Manager - Detailed Guide of 2019

Magellan content manager is the latest software to manage the GPS device. The software synchronizes your Magellan GPS device with the computer. It is all-in-one software for managing all the Magellan devices.

What can you do with Magellan GPS content manager?

Magellan GPS content manager helps in managing many things. We have listed here a few of them:

  • Address Book Management:
  • Managing addresses becomes quite easy with the content manager. It has also got the feature to check for the address if you've entered the wrong address by mistake. So, you will have all the correct addresses in your address book before you sync the device with the computer.

  • Navigation Settings:
  • The navigation settings can be changed and saved easily with their help. You can save more than one navigation settings according to your convenience.

  • Downloaded Contents:
  • You can check and manage all the downloaded contents from the software. The updates can also be installed using the content manager.

  • Free Magellan Maps:
  • When you connect the GPS device with the computer using the USB cable provided with the box, it will show you the list of all available updates. You can download those updates according to your need and install them in the device.

  • Other General Settings:
  • All the other general settings can also be changed from the software itself.

Handling content with the help of Content Manager Magellan:

The content which you'll download can be managed in the same way as addresses. The content is displayed in the list form and you can see all types of details.

The information like model number, serial number, software version, top speeds, longest trips and all the extra information can be seen from it.

Content Manager software makes using the GPS device easy:

The content manager software provides support for the majority of the Magellan devices. You have to only connect the GPS device to the computer, open the program and then log in your Magellan account.

The software controls are easy to learn and use. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to use it. It is developed after years of research and it is made so that everyone can use it. It has got such an efficient layout that you will feel at home right from the start.

Managing addresses, access general information, downloaded contents are simple from a separate tab.

How to update Magellan Map?

The following section is going to cover how to update Magellan map.Before downloading the latest maps, software, services or any other kind of updates, you'll need to install content manager in your computer.

How to perform Magellan Content Manager download?

The software is available for download for both the Windows computers and Apple computers.

You can perform Magellan content manager download by going to the website and then searching for the software.

After getting the search results, click on the button "Download for Windows" and "Download for Mac".

Download the software package according to the Operating System of your computer.

When the download is complete then go to the "downloads" folder and install the software by double-clicking on it.

End the user agreement and then start the software.

Update Magellan GPS using the software:

Run the software to Update Magellan GPS. The updates can be of new maps, services, software.

When you click on the type of updates, it will start downloading the updates.

Follow the same process to update Magellan Maps:

You have to follow the same above-mentioned process to update Magellan maps.

The map updates are released by the company 4 times in a year. You can check for updates by connecting the device with your internet-enabled computer and run the content manager.

You can also check whether you've lifetime map updates or a limited number of updates with the content manager.

Are the content manager and Magellan update manager same?

The Magellan update manager and Content Manager are the same software. So, when you are talking about Content Manager and update manager you're talking about the same software.

When you try to search using both the names it will provide you with the same result in the search engines. So, you don't need to worry about downloading the wrong software package.

How to update my Magellan GPS with new services and paid maps?

Search for update my Magellan GPS on Google and you'll get search results related to it.

You can also look for Magellan GPS customer service contact and contact them.

You can add new services to your current plan by paying some subscription fees.

Magellan content manager, not working issues resolved:

The software package is quite smart and it runs on almost all the computers. It runs on even old computers. But, sometimes will crash due to some unknown errors. Read the following passage for Magellan content manager not working solutions:

  • First of all, check the required hardware which is needed for running the software. If it is an old computer then try connecting to some new computer.
  • Check the internet-connectivity of the computer. Also, check the internet speed. Slow speed can make the software crash.
  • Update the drivers and software package of the computer before trying to run the content manager.

How to contact the customer service when having trouble with Content Manager for Magellan GPS?

Magellan customer service/support is the best in the industry. You can contact them for any kind of issues with the GPS device. You can also contact them when you're having trouble with the Content Manager for Magellan GPS.

They can be contacted by visiting the website, LiveChat on the website, Email and the helpline number.

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