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In this blog, we are going to discuss the Magellan content manager. If you have a Roadmate device and want to update it for new maps and software, then keep reading this article for knowing all about it.

Magellan content manager is a computer program which synchronizes your Roadmate GPS navigator to the server. It helps to deliver new updated maps and product information. With the Content Manager, you can access the stored address and keep the GPS device updated, without any issues.

Software With Content Manager:

The Content Manager helps you to also update the software package on the device. Many people keep asking whether this software is free or not. We would like to make it clear that it is absolutely free to download for everyone. It is available for all the popular Windows Operating system and Mac OS X for downloading.

The size of the file download is very small and it can be downloaded under a minute. The hardware required for its running is also modest. You won’t need any previous software package for its installation. You can just download it and start using it by creating an online account.

What can you do with the content manager?

With the Magellan Content manager, you can

  • Manage addresses
  • Download contents
  • Access general information

Address book: With the address book you can access the stored information on the device. You can also add new ones if you want directly from here.

Address Validation: This software has an address validation function which ensures that the address you are putting in the device is correct before the device is synchronized.

List Display: All the addresses are displayed as a list on the left-hand side of the device. You can also view additional details on the right-hand side of the device.

Manage content:

The content which you are going to download can be managed like addresses. They are also displayed in the list form and you can view all types of details. This information includes serial numbers, model number, software version, mileage report including top speeds, longest trip and much more.

How to update the Magellan map with the Content manager?

With the Content manager, it is quite easy to update the map and software package. The options can be found on the lower region of the device screen at all times. It can be found on whatever tab that you have selected.

Software with Content Manager:

Here, are steps to update the software with the Content Manager. First of all, download the content manager and install it your computer. Then turn on the Roadmate device and wait for the menu to appear. Connect to your computer with the USB cable provided with the device. Content Manager will automatically tell you the list of the available update. If Content Manager does not prompt you to update then click on the system tray in Windows and Menu bar on the Mac. It will show you the message of “updated” if you have the updated maps.

If you have any query regarding the maps update then you

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