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Magellan GPS Support

Having an updated Magellan GPS Support ensures that you will reach your destination safely on-time. Call our customer service helpline 312 238 9779 if you are unsure about having the latest map.

Lots of features are added with the new updates, get the updates and travel worry-free. Having the latest map updates helps to ensure that you don’t have to think about reaching your destination on time. You will always be ahead of the traffic.

With the lifetime map updates your GPS device will always be with the latest map. The lifetime map updates are also pocket-friendly in the long run. You will always reach your destination via the most-efficient route thus saving fuel.

Live-services will ensure that you are always ahead of the traffic jams, slow traffic and other hindrances affecting your travel. Contact our GPS experts to get the best deals on maps and software updates.

Magellan GPS Devices

If you are an owner of a Magellan GPS device then you will always reach your destination on time. You don’t have to worry about factors which could slow you down. The device has got all covered up for you. But, after 6 months down the line, you would have noticed that the device is not as efficient as it used to be. It happens because of the maps becoming outdated due to the always on-going construction. At that time, you need a map update.

Magellan GPS mapping software

With the GPS mapping software, you can always plan your journeys. This helps in saving last minute hassles which happens when you are travelling to a new region. Viewing your tracklogs and waypoints is made simple by this software. You can plan and track all your outdoor activities, send it to your device anywhere. You will be able to get the aerial view and topographic maps with the software, see the area in greater detail.

Magellan GPS Navigation

You not only get the most rugged, powerful device but also an intuitive navigational experience with the sophisticated software. After buying a Magellan GPS Navigation, rest assured that you are getting a bang for your bucks. We make sure that you are getting the best support for your device. New features are added to each device to make it better than yesterday. Connect your smartphone with the unit and get Live-services for added efficiency.

Magellan Navigation Update

We as a company always think about the users, to make the driving experience smoother it releases regular map updates. Map updates are released every quarter, i.e., in 3-months. With these updates, you will get the latest data about the changes in the roads, highways, streets, addresses and much more. Software updates are also published regularly. They provide a better navigational experience like faster searches, more responsive to commands. Our company recommends all the users to connect the device to the computer/ WiFi to check for regular updates.

Magellan GPS Tracker

Magellan GPS Tracker

Magellan GPS tracker is a powerful and portable device used for tracking your whereabouts. It uses a 12-Channel WAAS for providing the location accurately.

The device is designed for marine and outdoor use. It is ideal for mapping fishing hotspots, hiking, charting courses, marking trails over land and water. It comes with 9 navigational screens and a real-time tracking plotter. It shows where you’re heading, the travelled path & the distance remaining to your destination. It provides more accuracy with the built-in pressure-sensitive barometer. It also comes with an altimeter which does not require calibration.

It provides useful data like sunset, moon phase, moonrise/moonset, latitude/longitude, etc.

Magellan GPS Center

We help with all kinds of problems with the software of the GPS device. When you are having trouble with the latest map downloads, software programs and service subscriptions you should immediately contact our experts.

All our products are supported by long-term whether it is for maps, services or software updates. You can also extend the support for your device by contacting us. Users can choose service time according to their convenience.

Magellan GPS Center
Magellan GPS Tracker

Magellan GPS satellite navigation

Magellan GPS satellite navigation device uses a constellation of 24 GPS satellites for providing your position. Before your GPS device can show you location, it needs to know the position of the satellites. It does this by using an internal almanack which has a general location of the satellites.

For a GPS tracker to work properly the antenna needs to be raised with an unobstructed view of the sky. If the view is unclear/ blocked the tracker may take slightly longer for computing the position.

Our GPS devices are made with the best hardware so it does not need calibration every time you’re going to use it. It should only be done when it has travelled 300 miles in a switched-off state or it has been reset.

Magellan GPS 300 satellite navigator

It is a 2.2-inch portable GPS navigator which is compact, lightweight and rugged. It has a wraparound rubber armouring for added grip and protection. It can be used in any weather condition and the device floats on water.

The device design is simple and intuitive with 3 user-friendly navigation screens. It comes with a highly sensitive antenna for locking on the signal even in places where it is hard to get a signal. It has a long battery life of 24-hours and you can record up to 100 locations in the memory.

Magellan GPS 300 satellite navigator
Magellan Maps Update Support

Magellan Maps Update Support

Our team of Magellan GPS experts are always available to help you with the map updates. We also help you get the latest services and software updates. The team helps in getting the lifetime map update and also helps you with the purchase of new maps. We also help to sort out any confusion regarding, map buys and services. As a company, we provide the best services and support to our users. We recommend getting the lifetime map updates as it takes out the stress while driving. Updating the device is a simple process, follow the mentioned steps and you will soon be driving with an updated map.

Magellan GPS Updates in 3 Simple Steps

Here is a step-by-step guide on updating your GPS device. Things you will need to update are

  • Magellan GPS Device
  • USB cable
  • Internet-connected computer

Step 1

Remove your GPS device from the vehicle it is installed in. Connect the device unit with the internet-connected computer with the help of the USB cable provided with the device. After the connection is established, it will perform a check of the available updates.

Step 2

The list of available updates can be seen on your computer screen after powering on the device. Click on the updates which you want to install on your device. Always download the updates available for your device model. If you don’t know the model number, contact us on 312 238 9779.

Step 3

Wait for the download to finish, it takes a few minutes to finish. Transfer the updates to the GPS device after the downloading process ends. Do not power off or unplug the unit during the transfer process. After the transfer, install the device in your favourite vehicle.

Get Maps Update Now!

Magellan GPS update Problems

Every Magellan device is made with high-quality commercial-grade material so it can be used by you for a very long time. Each device is manufactured after years of research and development. With high-quality material, it provides excellent navigation in every region, even in places with high-rise buildings and other obstructions. However, one should not forget that it is an electronic device made with thousands of tiny components. It is very rugged and can withstand many elements, but it can get some errors if not handled properly during the update. Here, is a list of all the major problems which can happen when you are trying to update the device.

Get Instant Support For Magellan Map Update

When you are having any trouble with your GPS device, you don’t have to face it alone. We have a team of dedicated, expert and professionals who are always with you. We are only a call away from you.

Our customer support personnel help in updating your device with the latest map and software. They also help in purchasing new maps and services. We help you with all kinds of trouble regarding your GPS device.

When you want instant and simple solutions for your device issues, you can reach us on the helpline number 312 238 9779, by writing an email or chatting with our chat representative.

Common issues where our Customer Service is most needed

  • Battery issue with the device
  • The screen of the GPS going blank
  • Not getting satellite signal
  • The GPS not powering up
  • Unable to read the map
  • The device is not set up properly

Get Maps Update!

Get Maps Update!

How Do We Work To Fix Magellan Software Error?

We understand the need for providing a simple and fast solution to your GPS problems. We know that time is the most valuable thing in anyone’s life, we have removed all the bottlenecks from our customer support process. Removing software errors is quite important for the proper functioning of your GPS device. When you have any error, you don’t get to use the device properly.

Magellan Maps Update Service Workflow

We have the most efficient workflow for providing customer service. With our simplistic approach, we can give the best solution to every problem.

Magellan gps update problems
Magellan Software update
  • Magellan software error
Call from the Magellan user
Comprehending the issue
Fixing the difficulty

Whenever you are having trouble with your GPS device then you can contact us directly on our helpline number 312 238 9779. You can also write an email or chat directly to our expert.
Each member of our team is skilled at solving every customer problem. Everyone is also a good listener and communicator. Before providing the solution we understand the nature of the problem by listening carefully.
With the experts on GPS, we have been able to solve about 97.89% of the problem which came to us. When you’re having any trouble with your device, you can call us. You can also leave a message and we will get to you at the time of your choosing.

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Magellangps Com Issues

If you want to update your GPS device then you’ll need to install the software on your computer. The software is available for Windows and Apple computers. When you are having trouble with Magellangps com then you should get in touch with us.

  • If you’re having trouble with your official account
  • You are unable to reset the account password
  • Roadmate maps not updating
  • Unable to get Magellan upgrades
Get Help for your Magellan GPS navigation system

If you are driving with an outdated GPS device, you’re compromising with your and the safety of your loved ones. You might end up at some wrong place at the wrong time. Our GPS experts help in making sure that this doesn’t happen. We will help you to update your maps and software easily.

Get in touch with us on the helpline number 312 238 9779 and drive with the latest map.