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Use SmartGPS Eco Support to fix issues with your Magellan GPS

The SmartGPS Eco Support is a website which makes it easy and fast to register your Magellan RoadMate GPS device. It is also helpful in keeping the device up-to-date with the latest software, drivers and most importantly maps.

Using SmartGPS Eco for updates:

SmartGPS Eco is used for a variety of updates including

  • Latest Maps:
  • After 4 months from purchasing the device, you'll start feeling that the maps on the GPS device have become outdated. Then, you'll need to update the device with the latest maps. For, that you'll need to first go to the SmartGPS Eco website to register or login in your official Magellan account.

  • Software:
  • When you connect the GPS device with the computer and go to the website, you'll get a list of available updates. Click on the updates which are for your particular device. Do not download updates which are not built for your device. It will not work and might even corrupt the device.

  • New Services:
  • When you want to buy new services or maps you can do so by visiting the website. All the help is available on the website with the step-by-step process.

Registering a new device by visiting SmartGPS home:

Whenever you buy a new Magellan GPS then the first step is to register that device to by going to the SmartGPS home.

Create an account with the Magellan website and then register your GPS device. After registering the device you'll be able to use all its services including updates and live services.

If you haven't created an account and registered your device then do it as soon as possible.

Magellan SmartGPS Eco: Helps to update maps and software

Magellan SmartGPS Eco helps in updating maps and software easily and directly on your GPS device. You have to connect your GPS with the internet-enabled computer and visit the website.

There you can see the list of updates available for your particular device. You can also buy new maps or services from there.

If you want to get new maps then you'll need to pay a small subscription charge.

How to perform Magellan GPS software update using SmartGPS Eco?

It is quite a simple task to perform Magellan GPS software update using the SmartGPS Eco.

First of all after completing the initial setup of the RoadMate GPS device:

1. Connect the computer to the Wi-Fi.

2. Create an account if you haven't done this yet. If you have created the account then log in to the Magellan account using the same email address and password.

Your GPS device will register itself and the initial setup will be completed.

Maps and Magellan Driver Download for RoadMate:

Maps and Magellan driver download can be performed for every RoadMate device by going to the website.

  • Click on the "tools" icon on the screen.
  • When you get the notifications then click on the "updates".
  • Click on the map update or driver update.
  • You wait for some time for the update to finish.
Is SmartGPS Eco Windows 10 available?

Magellan understands that keeping pace with technology is very important. People are buying new gadgets more often than before. Yesterday's technology becomes obsolete fast nowadays.

That's why when the OS was launched the SmartGPS Eco Windows 10 was made available after some time.

So, you don't have to worry about the technological aspect of things. Get a Magellan GPS device and remain worry-free for life.

What to do when SmartGPS Eco not detecting device?

Here we have listed the list of things when SmartGPS Eco not detecting the device.

  • Check for the USB cable:
  • Most often this problem occurs because of a loose connection or a faulty cable. Change the USB cable and then try to see whether the issue is resolved.

  • Old drivers on the computer:
  • Sometimes when the computer is itself outdated it is unable to detect the device. First, update the computer with new drivers and then check if the problem is sorted.

  • Disable the antivirus and Firewall:
  • Your antivirus software and network firewall sometimes block the connection. Disable them for some time and try to connect the device.

What to do when SmartGPS not working?

When you get the issue of SmartGPS not working and even after doing the above-mentioned steps, it is not working. Then, Contact the Magellan customer service by calling on the helpline number or LiveChat, or by email.

Share this blog with your friends and loved ones and if you have any questions, comments in the below section. We would love to solve your issues.

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