Magellan RoadMate GPS System

Every Magellan RoadMate device provides the users with a feature-rich GPS navigation experience. You can relish the use of a high-resolution touchscreen with Magellan RoadMate GPS system. You can drive with conviction with highly sophisticated and intuitive devices.

Magellan GPS Roadmate in North America

The device has features which make the navigation easy. The user gets voice instructions so that they can just concentrate on driving. Magellan devices come with preloaded maps of the USA, Canada and Puerto Rico. But, the GPS device is of maximum benefit when it is updated with the latest maps. Call us now to check whether you have a lifetime Magellan road map update or a one-time map update.

Frequent travellers often find themselves in peculiar territories at that time a GPS device becomes utmost importance to provide directions for the destination. However, GPS devices are only as dependable as the maps stored on them, so they should be updated periodically.

Update Magellan Roadmate with us

You should always go for lifetime map updates because it makes for worry-free travelling. In lifetime map update subscriptions the user gets all updates whether it is maps, software or driver. Our team of GPS experts are available, for you help 24*7.


  • The device comes with maps, with lifetime updates
  • The device shows lifetime digital traffic warnings via a built-in DAB radio link
  • The device supports voice-operation system
  • Syncs with Smartphone to give real-time information
  • 5-inch capacitive screen with 800 x 480 pixels


Completely charge the Magellan device. Connect the device to the computer via a USB cord. The unit should turn on spontaneously by itself. If it does not start, turn it on manually. You will get a pop-up window telling to Check for Updates Now. If any map or software updates are available for your device, then again a pop-up will appear on the computer screen. Click to download and install all the available updates onto the GPS. When the installation process is complete, then you will be suggested to disconnect the device.

Update your map now

Magellan Roadmate Navigator Roadmate Page

Once you buy a Magellan Roadmate Navigator you’re worry-free for the rest of your life about driving and travelling to new places. The Roadmate is a portable car navigator device series which provides a variety of viewing points.

Some of the most important features include night view, a 3D bird’s-eye view, a pop-up of coming-up turns and much more. The Roadmate series of the device provides an accuracy of 3-meters, audio/visual prompts for efficient and safe driving.

In partnership with different companies, it provides travel information, Roadside assistance and much more.