Magellan Truck GPS

Magellan excels the market in making GPS device for trucks. The devices are intuitive and dynamic. It means the devices will get better with time i.e. with regular maps update.


The main purpose of the Truck GPS is not fundamentally to find the best route but to provide a tool for enhancing your professional driving skills. Since the trucks are not allowed on many roads and old bridges. You don’t want to be heading to a low-clearance bridge. You should be aware of your truck’s height and clearance. It gives you the tools to avoid very expensive tickets which you can get by going on restricted roads.


The data on the Magellan GPS device is accurate most of the time but sometimes they can show some errors. This happens because of the always on-going construction processes. So, the data is ever-evolving and being updated.

The railroad bridge data is prone to change the most because they are mostly old and they are shut down often. They are mostly low and have been there for a very long time. Roads and streets are paved and despite the fact that the bridge height is adjusted accordingly but you can’t be 100% sure. That’s why you need to keep the device always updated.


We have a team of highly professional and proficient experts who are always available for you. They help in Magellan truck GPS updates and crunching data in the map. You just have to call our toll-free number 888-623-9204 and leave the rest upon us.

Update Maps Now!

Magellan Truck Map update in 3 Simple Steps

Step 1

Connect your device to your internet-enabled PC by USB wire are insert the device. The GPS will then perform a quick system check and then will show you a relevant pop-up icon window on your display. You will then get a drive window downloading the updates.

Step 2

The device offered updates can be seen on your GPS screen when the device is connected to the PC and turned on. A pop-up window can then begin downloading maps on your display screen. If you are not getting any progress bar across the computer screen then you would require fast help with the update process. Please contact our support via live chat or simply dial the Toll-Free No. 888-623-9204

Step 3

Once the pop-up window starts the transfer progress on your PC, simply wait till the device finishes downloading. You don’t have to do anything now because it is an automatic process. If you are not seeing any progress bar, please contact our technical support for the update.

Get Maps Update Now!

Truck Map GPS

The maps on the truck GPS is different than the normal GPS which shows you the maps and routes which are suitable for the trucks and other large commercial vehicles. Truck map GPS will always guide you through the best routes which are most accurate, saving time and fuel.

Magellan Truck GPS support

We provide support for all the Magellan devices including the truck GPS. We also help in purchasing new maps for you. Our team of GPS experts help you in updating the device. Whenever you’re having trouble with the truck GPS then contact us on our helpline number or live chat or by email.

Magellan motorcycle GPS

Magellan motorcycle GPS helps you to go on adventures via the roads less travelled and which are suitable for motorcycles. These GPS devices have routes which are specially tailored for enjoying the picturesque roads. These devices are built for taking a beating from fuel fumes, harsh sunlight, and much more. So, whenever you’re thinking of going on a motorcycle adventure do consider a motorcycle GPS for your safety.