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The article here deals with the topics of Magellan truck GPS and Magellan truck GPS map update.

The Magellan GPS company was established in the year 1986 which has led the way in the growth of the GPS technology. There are a number of Magellan GPS systems which are made for bikes, cars, RVs and trucks. The Magellan truck GPS system has been designed and manufactured by keeping the professional truck driver’s needs in mind. The truck GPS has the best software which provides exceptional connectivity. The data provided is from the company’s own Smart GPS cloud service.

Magellan Truck GPS features:

Apart from the GPS function, the Magellan truck GPS helps the truck drivers to enter their hours of service like driving, not driving and sleeping. The Magellan’s own internal technology also calculates the IFTA mileage, which comes in handy when the user is filing taxes.

The truck GPS allows multiple destination routes, driver profiles, creating customized databases. The GPS device dashboard displays the estimated time of the trip, arrival time, vehicle speed and other important information.

With the integrated Bluetooth technology, the speaker and microphone allow the truck drivers to talk without taking their hands off the steering wheel. The loud and clear volume capability helps to hear clearly, whatever be the size of the truck cab. The external AV input helps the user to connect the backup camera, iPod etc.

Some additional features of Magellan truck GPS:

  • Address book
  • Automatic adjustment of brightness and contrast
  • Customizable geo-reminders
  • Lifetime updated maps
  • Lifetime traffic
  • Personalize truck data according to truck height, length, width, weight and other restrictions

Magellan Truck GPS maps update:

All the commercial truck drivers know that how you can get the expensive tickets for going on the restricted roads, bridges, etc. Get some of these and your license can also be cancelled. This can hamper your livelihood.

We all know how driving can be a frustrating experience especially during the traffic jams, unexpected roadblocks. These can delay the delivery time of the goods.

The truck GPS gives routes which are especially for truck drivers. But, as with any GPS device, the truck GPS is dependent on the maps and software on it. And, as with any GPS device, the maps on it become outdated after 3-4 months. And, then the GPS can guide you to the wrong location and wrong roads.

To keep all the commercial truck drivers updated with all the changes going around, Magellan truck GPS map updates are released by the company 4 times in a year. These updates contain data about changes in the routes, bridges, streets etc. on which trucks are banned from travelling.

Magellan commercial truck GPS also provides the most efficient routes and the latest tools to help deliver goods on time safe.

How To Update Magellan Truck GPS

Updating a Magellan truck GPS is quite simple when you follow the steps as instructed carefully.

  • Remove the device from the truck in which it is installed.
  • Fully charge the GPS device before trying to update the device.
  • Then, connect the device to the computer or WiFi.
  • The GPS device will search for all the available updates.
  • Click on the “update” button for installing the update.

If you have any difficulty regarding the Magellan truck GPS map update, then you can visit the website.

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