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Get Magellan Update support

Our support team helps you with the lifetime maps update on your Magellan GPS device and additionally assist you to shop for a lifetime map update for your GPS device. Always purchase a lifetime map updates so you won’t have to worry about the routes while travelling anywhere.

If you own a Magellan device then at some point you would have noticed that your maps on the device are not showing the correct addresses or the Magellan software is not working properly because they have become outdated. This is because of the very fact that roads and highways are constantly under construction. The addresses of businesses, hospitals, medical stores and other emergency services can change with time and need. If you want map updates and wish to refresh the maps on your Magellan GPS then our GPS professionals can tell you ways to update maps and software package.

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How to update your Magellan GPS

Updating your Magellan Maps ensures that you simply will get to wherever you would like to be. Call us now on 888-623-9204 to know whether you have got lifetime map updates or one-time map update. Follow these easy steps and soon you will be riding your vehicle with the updated maps.

Update Your Maps in 3 Simple Steps

Step 1

Connect your device to your internet-enabled PC by USB wire are insert the device. The GPS will then perform a quick system check and then will show you a relevant pop-up icon window on your display. You will then get a drive window downloading the updates.

Step 2

The device offered updates can be seen on your GPS screen when the device is connected to the PC and turned on. A pop-up window can then begin downloading maps on your display screen. If you are not getting any progress bar across the computer screen then you would require fast help with the update process. Please contact our support via live chat or simply dial the Toll-Free No. 888-623-9204

Step 3

Once the pop-up window starts the transfer progress on your PC, simply wait till the device finishes downloading. You don’t have to do anything now because it is an automatic process. If you are not seeing any progress bar, please contact our technical support for the update.

Get Maps Update Now!

Magellan GPS update Problems

Get Instant Support for your Magellan GPS

Our support team helps you with Maps update as well as with the maps purchase. Always purchase a LifeTime Map updates so that you can get to your destination safe and on time. New roads are built, old ones get closed, the address of businesses and emergency services change.

To get updates for your map just get in touch of our support team on our toll-free number 888-623-9204

Common issues where our Customer Service is needed most

  • Device battery issue
  • Device screen going blank
  • GPS not locking the signal of the satellite
  • GPS not turning on
  • Not connecting to Magellan maps
  • GPS setting up issues

Get Maps Update!

Get Maps Update!

How we work

We understand that our user’s time is quite valuable. So, we have removed all the bottlenecks from our customer support process.

Map Update service workflow

Call from the Magellan user
Comprehending the issue
Fixing the difficulty

Magellan device users can contact us directly via chat or helpline number for any technical or non-technical issues with the device update method.
Our team of extremely skilled and technical consultant helps to work out the matter with the device. They listen, paying attention and then deciding the character of the matter. And, then assist you in each issue with the device.
Our team of experts are able to solve 99.28% of problems simply over the phone. So, you simply have to call us and leave the remainder upon our experts. Call us to get your map updates.

Get Maps Update!



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Every user issue is of utmost importance to us. We are totally devoted to serve the user and solve their device related issues. Our team is willing to go the distance to serve every customer issue.

Magellan Client Support Experts are always there for your help on 888-623-9204.